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Construction Engineering

Civil & Construction Engineering


Gallivan Group has the experience of civil and construction engineering to provide quick informed decisions that do not compromise on safety yet provide an efficient and workable design that lets the contractor get on with the job.

Our highly experienced Auckland based staff work closely with our clients to develop a suitable construction methodology, installation sequencing and future reuse plan for temporary works. 

Complex Lift Planning

We have experience of lifting and slinging and have qualified personnel  who can  ensure that any regular and complex lift plan is in place prior to rigging and lifting a load. We aim to get involved at the earliest possible opportunity to learn about the requirements of the lift, the load itself but also the environment to ensure that all risks have been captured and significant planning in place to ensure that the lift is completed safely and efficiently.

Formwork - Falsework

We can propose effective formwork & falsework solutions for small to complex structural projects. Design Engineers used to provide temporary works designs for DOKA, PERI, RMD, Kwick Stage and traditional formwork systems. We can develop the pour cycles and sequences to ensure that maximum efficiency is received from respective formwork and Falsework systems. 

Temporary Structures

We can design and build temporary supporting structures.

Building For The Future

The Gallivan Group, based in Auckland, is committed to designing safe, cost effective environmentally sustainable buildings and infrastructure.  We believe that a built environment of high quality, ecological sensitivity and built to last is essential to our society.


Our professional construction engineers are involved with the design, planning and construction of the physical infrastructure that surrounds us.  We take this social responsibility seriously.  Whether the project is high-density housing or commercial construction, our engineers design reliable processes and build quality structures.